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ATLANTA (WABE) - Problems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan have caused concern about the safety of reactors in the U.S. Now the Georgia Public Interest Research Group is asking the federal government for tighter oversight. WABE's Martha Dalton has more. 

Georgia PIRG issued a report which details leaks and other problems at four U.S. nuclear reactors in the last 20 years. Stephanie Ali is a spokesperson for the group: 
"Nuclear power in itself is so much more dangerous overall that if one of those small things goes wrong, it leads to such a much more dangerous situation that it would with wind energy or would with solar energy."
Georgia PIRG wants the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to put all U.S. nuclear reactors through a comprehensive safety evaluation before issuing licenses to build new ones. But Roger Hannah, with NRC's Atlanta office, says that's already happening:
"We have resident inspectors at every site that look at the safety of the operations of the plant on a daily basis. We have licensing reviews that look at any changes that would be made to the design or the operation of the site."
In the aftermath of the events in Japan, Hannah says the NRC will conduct a full-scale review of U.S. power plants. 

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